1958 graduate, Billy Henry, was recognized during a recent basketball game for creating the Guy-Perkins Thunderbird logo.  The story of the logo was shared by High School Principal, Tim Barnes.

"Back in 1958, Guy-Perkins High School Senior Class members decided to publish a yearbook.  There had only been one yearbook ever published at Guy-Perkins prior to this time, back in the 1940’s.

These 15 senior class members worked very hard taking pictures, selling ads, and compiling all the necessary pieces for a yearbook.  The only thing lacking was a school mascot.  A senior student, Billy Henry, was always doodling and drawing and had created a drawing of a Thunderbird.  No one in the class knew what it was, but they knew they liked it!

The student body eventually had a contest for students to vote on the new mascot and the Thunderbird mascot won.  This Thunderbird drawing has remained the district’s logo for the past 64 years. The Thunderbird still remains the Guy-Perkins mascot today, but in a different form as you can see on the gym floor."

Mrs. Dorothy Stevens, member of the Guy-Perkins class of 1958, helped with planning the ceremony.  She wanted to recognize Mr. Henry because he exemplified their Senior Class’ motto: “Dare to be Different!”