Safety Tip Hotline

The Guy-Perkins School District has added a new School Safety Tip Hotline to report any potential threats toward school safety, as well as provide support for student mental health issues. The hotline is a result of the Arkansas School Safety Commission's most recent safety recommendations suggesting that schools create a tip line to report threats, unusual activity, bullying, harassment, and potential student self-harm.

Superintendent Dr. Joe Fisher worked with School Resource Officer Stephen Ferguson and Guy Police Chief Chris Humphrey to set up the new hotline, which will accommodate both texts and voicemails.  "The safety and well-being of our students is the top priority for our administration and staff, and implementing this safety hotline will be one way we can empower students to 'step up and speak up' when something is not right in the district, or community."

The Guy-Perkins Safety Tip Hotline will be active beginning today and will be monitored 24 hours/7 days a week by district employees.  Anyone experiencing immediate danger is encouraged to call 911 to make a report.