Victoria Niko

Guy-Perkins is pleased to welcome Victoria Niko, the new 5th/6th-grade Literacy Teacher.  Victoria has previously worked as a long-term substitute teacher in the Greenbrier School District and is entering her 1st year of teaching. 

Victoria is married to Tyler and has three young boys, including twins.  Outside of her work time, she enjoys being outdoors either floating/fishing on the Little Red River, or just siting and visiting with her family. 

Victoria tells this story about why she chose teaching as her career:  "I was taking care of a two and three-year-old back in 2016.  I was working on teaching them how food digests in our bodies. I told them the food goes through the mouth, down the esophagus…etc.  When the three-year-old said it back to me and said esophagus clear as day, I had an “aha” moment.  As I continued to serve as a long-term substitute teacher, I gained so much insight into my abilities in leadership and building the student-to-teacher connections.  I cannot wait to do more with my abilities in the classroom."

This year at Guy-Perkins, Victoria would like her students to show progress, succeed in their academics, and fall in love with reading and writing.  Victoria would also love to build connections with her students this year so that they would always know that she is "in their corner."

Finally, Victoria states, "I am so thrilled to join the Guy-Perkins family and help the community in any way I can."  Join us in welcoming Victoria Niko to the Thunderbird family.  Great things are truly happening here!