Tammy Murry

Tammy Murry, Principal of Guy-Perkins Elementary School, has been accepted into the Arkansas Thrive Leadership Academy. The Academy is a multi-day training program for Arkansas educators focusing on helping school leaders create, support, and promote positive behavior and mental health within their schools.

Participants from across Arkansas will learn about preventative techniques, strategies for de-escalation, and tactics to provide positive support. These topics include learning how to recognize internal and external biases about behavior, identifying signs of stress or trauma that may have effects on student's behavior, and learning how to build and support an internal behavioral team that will reach the needs of every student.

Tammy Murry, Guy-Perkins Elementary Principal, says she is very excited about this opportunity.  Murry said, ”I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to gain knowledge and strategies that will benefit the students, teachers, and families of Guy-Perkins."

Congratulations to Tammy Murry and her dedication to creating a safer learning environment for her students and staff.  To learn more about AR Thrive Academy go to https://dese.ade.arkansas.gov/...