Each day, the Guy-Perkins School District transports its students to and from school safely and comfortably across 120 miles of bus routes.  These bus routes are driven by highly-trained and dedicated men and women who understand the importance of ensuring that students have a great start and end to their school day.  The Guy-Perkins School District invites you to join us as we celebrate our drivers on "School Bus Driver Appreciation Week," February 21-25, 2022. 

"Our drivers have stepped up in extraordinary ways to serve our students during these challenging times of COVID-19 and I am forever grateful for their dedication to our students' education, safety, and well-being," said Superintendent, Dr. Joe Fisher.  "Our bus drivers have gone 'above and beyond' to help school staff deliver meals and educational materials to students while being quarantined at home.  For this reason, I want to express my personal appreciation and thanks to our bus drivers for ALL that they do!"

Route Drivers:  Connie Glover (Purple Bear), Waco Hale (Red Wolf), and Teressa Shipley (T-bird).

Trip Drivers:  Joe Fisher, Keane Guiden, Lisa Halk, Millicent Herndon, and Gretchen Rooney.

Shuttle Drivers:  Tim Barnes, Stacey Ralls, and Tony Varnell.