January 2022 is "National School Board Appreciation Month" and the Guy-Perkins School District recognizes Board Vice-President, Ashley Ealy (Zone 1), for his six (6) years of service to its Board of Directors. 

Why do you serve on the Guy-Perkins School Board?  I serve for the kids and want to see Guy Perkins School District be the "best district" in the area.

Who was your favorite teacher when you were in school? Why? What grade were you in? 3rd grade - Mrs. Donald.  She wanted you to act "good" and do well.  If you didn’t, there were consequences. She really cared about teaching and my learning.  I appreciate all the teachers that taught me.

What makes you T-bird proud of the Guy-Perkins School District?  What makes me T-Bird proud is knowing that administration and faculty/staff care about our students.

Ashley and his wife Regina have two sons, Ashton and Sebastian, and can be seen actively supporting them at basketball and baseball games. Thank you, Ashley Ealy, for faithfully serving
the students and staff of the Guy-Perkins School District!