Dan Michael

January 2022 is "National School Board Appreciation Month" and the Guy-Perkins School District recognizes Board Secretary, Dan Michael (Zone 3), for his six (6) years of service to its Board of Directors.

Why do you serve on the Guy-Perkins School Board? To try and make the very best decisions for our students, staff, and school now and into the future.

Who was your favorite teacher when you were in school? Why? What grade were you in? 9-12th grades - Mr. Fujita.  We made Friday donuts runs!

What makes you T-bird proud of the Guy-Perkins School District?  Our staff truly love our kids and will do everything possible to make them successful.

Dan and his wife Ruth have seen children and grandchildren attend and graduate from Guy-Perkins.  Dan can often be seen at the home basketball games on the front row.  He and Ruth are always generous to share their garden vegetables and homemade salsa.  Thank you, Dan Michael, for faithfully serving the students and staff of the Guy-Perkins School District!