Amy Stephens

January 2022 is "National School Board Appreciation Month" and the Guy-Perkins School District recognizes Amy Stephens (Zone 2) for her three (3) years of service to its Board of Directors. 

Why do you serve on the Guy-Perkins School Board? It's a opportunity to serve our community and help with the education and direction of the next generation of T- birds.

Who was your favorite teacher when you were in school? Why? What grade were you in? 5th grade - Mr. Harrison. He was a fantastic teacher and made learning fun! Mr. Harrison had a stamp with his face on it that he used when grading papers. That's how we knew Mr. Harrison approved of your work!

What makes you T-bird proud of the Guy-Perkins School District? To see all of the teachers and staff pull together though the last 2 years during COVID and be able to educate our children and not give up.  It takes a village!

Amy and her husband Davy have three  daughters, Chyanne, Abby, and Alice, and proudly serve in the Guy community by volunteering when needed around the school district and ballpark  Thank you, Amy Stephens, for faithfully serving the students and staff of the Guy-Perkins School District.