Fact Check

American Recovery Plan (ARP) ESSER funds have recently been provided to state educational agencies and school districts across Arkansas and the United States to help safely reopen and sustain the safe operation of schools, and to address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on students. Unfortunately, "misinformation" is being shared on social media sites about how these funds are being used.

The Guy-Perkins School District wants its families and patrons to know the "facts" about how ARP ESSER funds are being distributed and used so that they can be better informed when "misinformation" is being shared on social media sites.

Fact Check #1 -
ARP ESSER funds are given only to school districts requiring students/staff to wear masks.

(FALSE) - ARP ESSER Funds are being distributed to school districts in Arkansas regardless of their mask policy. Here is a list of the Arkansas school districts and the amount of APR ESSER funding they are receiving: https://tinyurl.com/hk4mykc7.

Fact Check #2 -
ARP ESSER funds are only being given to school districts in Arkansas that are providing students with FREE meals.

(FALSE) - ARP ESSER funds have been provided to each state and Arkansas has chosen to use part of these state funds to provide FREE meals to all Arkansas students.  These funds do not come to the school district level.

Fact Check #3 -
ARP ESSER funds are "secretly" being spent by school districts without stakeholders' knowledge, or input.

(FALSE) - Each Arkansas school district is required to survey its stakeholders prior to creating its ARP ESSER funds budget. These budgets are required to be made available on the school district's website for public viewing and feedback.  To access the Guy-Perkins School District ARP ESSER budget, go to www.gptbirds.org (upper left corner).

If anyone has questions concerning ARP ESSER funding, or how school districts may use these funds, please call the District Administration Office at 501-679-7224, or email our Dr. Joe Fisher at joe.fisher@gptbirds.org.