On Friday, September 17, 2021, two representatives from the Admissions Department at UACCM came to campus and administered the Next Generation Accuplacer exam free of charge to 49 students in grades 9-12. The students all performed very well, with many students earning scholarship awards if they choose to attend UACCM after high school. Ivy Fielder led all 49 students with the top composite score of 276, which (as a 10th grader!!) earns her full paid tuition at UACCM for up to 15 credit hours when she graduates high school! Gracelynn Hobbs earned a scholarship of $500 a semester at UACCM (also as a 10th grader!), and Noah Wright earned the same $500 per semester scholarship as a Freshman!

There were also seven (7) freshmen, six (6) sophomores, six (6) juniors, and four (4) seniors that earned scholarships of $250 per semester at UACCM because of their Accuplacer scores! All in all, a total of 27 students out of the 49 (55%) that took the test earned scholarships at UACCM from this single test!

In addition to the scholarships, 16 students earned scores that make them eligible to take concurrent credit classes beginning in the Spring of 2022!  We plan to have UACCM back next fall to duplicate this free-of-charge-administration of the Next Generation Accuplacer.