Teacher Appreciation Week

Dear Guy-Perkins Families and Community Partners,

The first full week of May each year is "Teacher Appreciation Week" and on behalf of everyone at Guy-Perkins School District, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our teachers for the work they do each day ensuring the success of our students. Our teachers provide the high-quality instruction and support that Guy-Perkins students need to graduate ready for college and/or their career.  They deliver relevant teaching and learning designed to keep all students "on track" for future success.

But, we all know teachers do so much more than teach. In partnership with support staff members and parents, Guy-Perkins teachers serve as mentors and are a vital part of the support system meeting the needs of the "whole child". When Guy-Perkins School District opened back up in August 2020, our teachers went above and beyond to quickly learn and adapt to a blended, virtual-learning system of instruction. Many found creative and caring ways to stay connected to students in their homes while also tending to their own children and families' needs.

We can all look back and remember a great teacher who touched our lives and helped us to be the people we are today. With this in mind, please reach out this week and thank our teachers and celebrate the work they have done during the COVID-19 pandemic!


Dr. Joe Fisher, Superintendent