Standardized Testing

The Guy-Perkins School District will be conducting important standardized testing of students during the month of April.  Results of these standardized tests will  help teachers and students determine what standards have been learned during the 2020-21 school year and areas of remediation needed during the last days of school and summer school.

Students are encouraged to eat breakfast, be "on time" for testing days, and do their very best on each section of the test.  Remote testing for virtual students is not allowed for the ACT Aspire so ALL students must test "on-site" and with their grade-level classes.

Here are the upcoming test dates for the district:

  • NWEA  (Grades K - 2)  April 19th - 23rd
  • ACT Aspire (Grades 3 - 10) April 26th - 30th
  • Grades 3 - 6 will test M-T-W-TH beginning at 8:30am each morning
     Grades 7 - 10
    will test T-W-TH beginning at 8:30 am each morning

Our students and teachers have worked hard in the classroom this school year so let's make the results of these tests their shining moment!  For more information about these standardized tests, or the testing schedule, please contact Penny Howard (Grades K-6) at 679-3509 or Stacey Ralls (Grades 7-10) at 679-3507.