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Guy-Perkins School District

Alternative Methods of Instruction Policy



Alternative Methods of Instruction

The Guy-Perkins School District believes that learning can take place at anytime and anywhere.  Guy-Perkins will use a variety of alternative methods to provide student instruction on days designated as alternative methods of instruction (AMI) days.  As the method of delivery may be altered, the rigor and relevance will NOT, as ALL activities will be designed to protect the integrity of the Arkansas State Standards while supporting on-going instruction in the regular classroom. 

To ensure equitable instruction and materials for ALL students, each teacher will prepare lesson plans and activities that are technology and text based. If there is foreseeable inclement weather, activities will be sent home with students prior to an anticipated AMI day.  These activities will include printed “take home-snow packs”, which will consist of project based assignments in line with current classroom instruction and curriculum.  In addition exceptions for the day will be available to all students and parents in each teacher’s lesson plans posted to the individual teacher’s page located on the Guy-Perkins website.  Technology based assignments may be used and will be administered through each teacher’s Google Classroom page; however, text based assignments will always be prepared and available in the event of power outage or other unforeseen circumstances. 


The Guy-Perkins School District believes that learning can take place regardless of weather or location.  By utilizing alternative methods of instruction for days in which physically attending school may be a hazard, we can offer our students continuous learning opportunities that will allow students to be better prepared for spring testing dates that cannot be changed.  With alternative methods of instruction in place, we will be able to better prepare students for ACT Aspire Testing even if students miss multiple days of preparation in the winter months.

Student Attendance

At Guy-Perkins School District, student attendance for an approved AMI day will be determined by the amount of work completed by the student on each AMI day.  Assignments given on an AMI day will be submitted electronically prior to returning to school, or paper assignments will be due the next day that school is physically in session.  Failure for students to properly comply with the assignment policy will result in the student being considered absent for the AMI day. 

Certified Staff Responsibilities

Certified teachers will be required to determine appropriate instruction for each AMI day.  Lesson plans will be completed and posted to the individual teacher's web-page in a time appropriate fashion.  Certified staff members will be available to provide assistance and feedback for students during designated times for AMI days.  Teachers will be responsible for maintaining documentation of all assignments/lesson plans, as well as grading assignments and documents as needed.  Teachers will complete appropriate logs verifying services delivered and the methods used in delivery to students.

Classified Staff Responsibilities

Following all federal and district guidelines, classified employees will be required to add one (1) additional day for each AMI day in order to fill their contractual requirements.  Days shall be tagged on at the end of the school year, or on non-working days following district procedure. With prior administrative approval, classified staff may work additional hours as compensatory time.  Once an amount of compensatory time is earned equal to the AMI time (whole or half day), classified staff may trade for the AMI day.

Communication with Parents and Students

Upon approval of AMI days the school will share its AMI plan with all of its stakeholders.  This plan will be accessible via the school website and functions such as "open house,” For each canceled school day deemed an AMI day, the school will notify all students and parents via the school website, the school’s Facebook page, the school's one-call system (K12 alerts), and the B-Notified app.  All parents will be encouraged to sign up for the school’s notification app.  Students specifically will be able to access their Google classroom accounts or refer to their "take home snow pack" for instructions and expectations for the AMI day.

When AMI Days will be used

Determining whether a canceled school day will be an AMI day or make-up day will be at the discretion of the Superintendent with proper procedures in place.  Ideally all canceled school days will be AMI days; however, there may be cases in which an AMI day is not possible.  If there is not time for proper preparation of an AMI day, then the day will fall under the make-up category.  If possible, the first ten (10) days Guy-Perkins School District is closed due to inclement weather, a contagious disease outbreak, or other acts of God will be AMI days.